Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Life ...

      Hello! Having this blog to talk about my feelings (: 

   Basically, to start off this blog, I would like to clarify. This blog is purely to talk about my feelings, and not my life. So, let me introduce my new blog, and it's title. 
   Life, you know what it is, yet you do not know if what you thought of applies to everyday. For example, you think life is awesome, colourful and fun. But when you have a bad day, you will think that what you thought was rubbish. 
   Life is always like that, full of ups and downs. One moment you are happy, another moment you are not. I guess they just want to fool us around, but if you know how to conquer it, why not? Life will only be meaningful if it has ups and downs, right? 
   Of course most people wants their life to be wonderful, stressless etc, or can I say, everyone? I do want one too. Everybody knows that if lifes are boring, stressful, tiring, sad, they will not like it!
   They will hate their lives, but remember, love your life. You know you have uncountable numbers of days to live on and if you don't cheer up, who will? 
      Here's the end of my first post :D I hope you'll like it.